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Post Info TOPIC: Vinal Kitchen Floor...


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Vinal Kitchen Floor...

12' Wide X 25' Long A Few Notches For Cabnits Etc.
  Easer to do it in one Sheet?   Or:  1' X 1' Squares?

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  I tried laying that Vynal sheet stuff,, but not enough to give you any professional advice,, I did find out that making a paper pattern for the cutouts around  cabinets and such was better  than taking a chance of ripping the material..

To actually answer your Question,, I think if I was doing it,, I would use the tile,, but not the self stick stuff,, it don't stick very good ,, biggrin


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I've done both and if you're going with vinyl go with the roll in my opinion. Those individual vinyl tiles are a pain. Be certain that your sub is perfect...lay down some Luan or Meranti if it's not. Glued and screwed in a 6" grid all over and then trowel on a floor leveller material. It's not to level so I dont know why they call it that...it's used to smooth the surface and if ya don't your screws will show in time. It's just a bagged mix that you add water to, not difficult at all. Have a sharp knife ready and I used a sponge to smooth out any bubbles...just push 'em toward the open end. Once it's laid you should roll it if possible too. Those rollers are available at rent shops or your vinyl supplier may even have a loaner or rental. Good luck.


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Tiles would defiantly be easier, but I wouldn't waste time or money with "peel and stick" type.
These look okay after you first install them but dirt has a way of getting into the joints making the adhesive fail.

If you want to do squares you might consider commercial VCT (vinyl composite tiles) "Armstrong" makes them. These install with troweled contact cement and the design and pattern possibilities are endless. They are going to cost you more but they will last forever.

If you decide on sheet vinyl, pick up some chip board stock (ie: poster board) cut into 4" strips, lay them out around the perimeter of the room, taping them together tp make a full size pattern. Lay the pattern out on the vinyl, trace, cut. Lay it out in the room, roll back half, apply contact cement, roll it out with a rubber roller to get any trapped air out, repeat on the other half. If you're careful making your pattern, it will fit perfectly every time.
Also, if you are considering coving it up the baseboards, this gets a bit more involved, and best left to the pro's.

Good luck, hope this helps.


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