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Post Info TOPIC: Sealing concrete question


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Sealing concrete question

     I am finishing a room and currently have a bare concrete floor.  I plan to put down carpet & padding.  A friend suggested sealing the concrete first to prevent concrete dust from being sucked up through the padding and carpet by the vacuum and turning the carpet gray.  Is there any relevance to this?  Is it necessary?  Thank you!



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Welcome AC77.

I don't believe it is necessary to seal it.
Most sealers are used to protect the surface from the elements.


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You're right about protecting the concrete Chop. That usually is the point to sealing. The other point about dust is correct too, especially if someone in the home has allergies. Sealer also acts as a vapour/radon barrier. There are many inexpensive interior sealers readily available that would be suitable. They can simply be rolled on like paint and since you're covering the surface asthetics do not come into play.


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Remember another point here, when a floor gets high traffic areas, the concrete can get ground on by the heavy traffic and the carpet padding as well can get ground down as the two materials are slowly ground against each other. I recomend anyone doing this especially with laminate floors to etch the concrete epoxy seal it, then lay a vapor barrier. with Carpet however, the vapor barrier is not needed with the concrete already sealed and it does not have the problem as laminates to with moisture coming through causing other problems related to hardwood, laminates and other wood type of products. I can tell you in a few houses I have torn carpet off the concretead the padding was copletely gone under the heavier traffic regions and when the shampoo was run over it you can see grey coloring in the carpet from it being sucked into the carpet from underneath. This of course will not happen so much with top dollar carpets and the padding. but your talking 50-100 bucks a square yard for that materials. It is all up to you my Friend headbang.gif

come on I never ever thought about it working as a radon barrier as well ,that is a good point also

I have another topic on this concrete vapor barrier/ sealer common with hardwood flooring.  We had a Dance floor in my Brothers old house, it was constantly warping from the moisture coming into the house from outside. so the two repairs to fix this are
1. cut artificial vents into the floor to allow the concrete to breathe through the wood without allowing the wood to accept as much moisture
2. install more Grass outside of the house in the region around where the floor is, this causes the moisture in the dirt below to travel towards the grass because it will work as a sponge drying out the soil below the floor.
 They did  the second step and it completely stopped the floor from moving

Man it must be late. I am just rambling on. this board is great. I cant keep up with all of the threads on OSR LOL

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