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footings and slabs

can anyone tell me how deep my footings have to be here in GA..im adding on to my home garage do i need to reinforce?not handsome but pretty handy

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Hi again DBM   handshake.gif I think yer gonna hafta call yer local authority on that depth question. It's a code requirement and code varies from place to place...as I'm sure yer aware. Yer code will likely call for reinforcement, I can't imagine that it wouldn't. I'll give ya a "fer instance" of what I do here in Nova Scotia. I should warn ya that I always exceed code requirements. After all, they are the minimum standards of acceptablity. hmm

For a single story garage of "regular" demensions I use a footing that's 18" thick. I place that on at least 6" of tamped gravel. My footing is 24" wide and I taper it in...not a "blunt" transition from the 18" to 6" (slab thickness) but tapered. Yeah, it uses more material but I know that it's better. The building inspector here loves that I do that...he calls it a thickened edge slab. aww For rebar I use 1/2" rod...I'll actually take 24" lengths and drive 'em into the gravel with about 6" exposed...those are spaced at about 36". Then I take my 1/2" full length and tie to those that I drove in...I go in about 6" from the outside and go around the perimetre and then again at 6" from the inside for another perimetre rounder. Those 2 rounds will be 3"-6" above the gravel...then 2 more rounds about 6" higher and 3" in from the lower rounds. That's a total of 4 trips around the perimetre with 1/2" rebar. Then I take my 6"x6" mesh and tie it in all the way around.

Another thing that I like to do and most folks agree to it when I offer it is a curb. This is formed and placed at the same time as the footing...it's really just an extension of the footing. I make 'em 8" wide usually and 6"- 8" thick. The thickness is the height they will be above the finished slab. My anchor bolts go into the "curb" and the stud wall is tightened to those...just be sure to use a sill gasket or yer bottom plate will eventually need replaced. Also, don't forget door openings if ya use a curb. The advantages of the curb are a little more wall height and that your walls are a bit above yer slab...specially great if moisture can be an issue.

I hope that I answered yer question with my rambling. I tend to get quite long winded when we talk about stuff in my field. disbelief Heh,heh. I'm also watchin' UFC so if it makes no sense at all ya gotta blame the testoserone. biggrin


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