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Home built tractors

OK. I see some homebuilts in here. This is something I've wanted to do for sometime. We really go through these things. I know its because we can't  spend the kind of money it takes to get into a semi-pro unit, but I've been buying one every coupla years, at around $350 each, and the junkers are piling up. I'd like to use an older motorcycle engine (maybe Honda) probably a smaller (up to 350cc) twin. Oil or maybe water-cooled would be nice. They are fairly cheap, and totally self-contained. The trans output would run the wheels, while splitting off to a large generator, which would run D.C. motors on the blades. I'm thinking that if the generator were sized right, I might get off without a bank of batteries. The engine's alternator could handle all the regular issues. I've seen riders with electric decks before, but they must no have been successful. There's a new all-electric rider out, so I'm thinkin' there's some new technology out. I started building one about 12 years ago, to be powered by the engine from my old CB750 F. However, I came to my senses, and traded the bike off. I know there are crazy powerful "lawnmowers" out there, but I want mine to MOW, and, for me, anyway, 60 HP might have been terminal. Any ideas? I thought about hydraulics for the blades, too, but electric is so clean, and no belts to mess with. Ideas?

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Poncho is our "Resident" tractor/mower Expert and I suspect that he will be all over this thread just as soon as he sees it.  Have you seen his old reel type mower that he restored?
As far as my expertise on mowers and tractors, it is limited to changing oil and plugs and sharpening the blade but I'll be interested in seeing what you decide on and following it's progress.thumbsup.gif


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I dont think you would get enough charge out of an alternator to run electric motors, not without batteries too.......then it would be super heavy.

Better to have a PTO to drive the mower through belts or a shaft....or, some tractors have a hydraulic pump driven off the engine and has hydraulic motors to run the mower or other tools...tillers etc

Here is my National Mower....the reels are belt driven



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