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Post Info TOPIC: Here's why my cedar shingles started "bleeding"--impt info for future use!


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Here's why my cedar shingles started "bleeding"--impt info for future use!

Here is some info about exterior problems that I hope will prove useful to others. 

A few years ago, I guess around 2007 or so, I started experiencing staining on the (painted siding) shingles on my house.

The house had been painted perhaps 2 or 3 years earlier by a nationally-known company, and I naturally figured that this was a problem with the paint job.  I called the company, which sent a rep out, and she took a look and said (very confidently) that she knew what the problem was.

The painting company and I dickered a bit, and eventually settled.  But nothing I did could stop the bleeding, which was traditional "cedar bleed".

Somehow, for reasons I no longer remember, one day it was raining and I went up into the attic.  I looked at the edge of the roof, specifically at the board (the one behind the gutters), and I noticed that it was wet!  HUH???  That shouldn't be.

I had had the gutters replaced a few years before this started, and I wondered if that could be somehow related to the problem.  So I called a gutter contractor to take a look.  After he looked and couldn't figure it out, I told him what I had noticed, and he said he thought that was almost certainly the cause of the problem, and how could be remedied--namely, replace that board (which had been installed in too short a width by the previous contractor).

I hired this guy, and he did what I asked, and the problem was solved.  This was 2 or 3 years ago.

I mention this because I never would have figured out the problem if I had not thought to get up in the attic and take a look.  The two events occurred too far apart in time for me to connect them. I hope I will remember this the next time I have some sort of problem.



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I guess those cedar shakes were like some pine lumber that you run across that has grain and knots that bleed thru.  I've ran across this a time or two and have had pretty good luck just spraying them with matte krylon but that would be pretty tuff on an exterior siding job wouldn't it?  I wonder if the bleeding will quit after they have been outside long enuff and had time to dry and season?  One more question - - - have you repainted them recently?


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Welcome to the Handyman show Mr Thumbs,, kinds curious about that name,, I seem to be all thumbs my self sometimes,, biggrin

Do You live in the northwest by any chance?? I ask that question because I live in Oregon,, and we use Cedar Shingles around here , ( well did untill they got so expensive ) but never had the bleeding problem,, possably because of the wider eves on the houses, usually 24 " wide, any leak would not damage the siding,, maybe the facha boards but not the siding itself,,

Good thing you checked the attic and noticed the much narrower board,, but the roofer should have installed a row of starter shingles.. at the eve. or maybe it was just a bad instulation,,,, some contractors are known for doing that,,,,


Again   welcome to the forum,, jump in and be apart of the fun,, kinda slow lately,, but it goes in spirts,, or Squirts,,



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