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Post Info TOPIC: Any of you guys ever work with bamboo?

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Any of you guys ever work with bamboo?

Well, I have now. This stuff is tough, but even tougher is finding a color stain to look good on it. I think I may just hit it with some polyshades light oak stain/clear combo I've got. That stuff looks way better than the red maple stain did on my test piece. Honestly, I was let down by that test.

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Only witha redneck fishin pole when I was a youngun,, that and a string with a worm on itbiggrin  It is some tough stuff.. they build  stories high scaffolding with it in china,, I sure as hell wouldn't get on it,    safe or not


 they also use it for flooring ,,


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We have a cutting board that is laminated bamboo strips with breadboard ends on it in maple; one end busted off, so I took it upon myself to re-do it with biscuits and some good glue.  Got it all cleaned up, re-jointed the ends where the maple goes on, and got it glued up and all fit and proper.  Then, I set about resurfacing it - booger!  I finally set upon it with a cabinet scraper and got it smooth, but sanding it was a trial exercise in frustration; it tore up the sanding belts and left divots all over the surface.  I almost took it to a cabinet shop with the idea in mind to offer them an hours worth of pay just to run it through their planer.  That would have cost more than a whole bunch of new boards.

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