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Post Info TOPIC: Toilet Reservoir Filling Issue


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Toilet Reservoir Filling Issue

I've never seen this style of toilet innards before (what is it called?) and I have no clue how to adjust the fill rate, where the water enters or how to even begin troubleshooting the problem.  The innards are roughly a year old.

The toilet has had a very small leak into the bowl but has never had any sealing issues that would cause a filling problem.  I've tried holding down the seal and still getting incredibly slow filling.  It seems to fill an inch every minute or so.

My roommate had used the bathroom and it flushed correctly for her.  I went in just after her and the toilet has started acting up.  

Thank you. :)



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Hi Ya Geoffman


Welcome to the handyman show,,  enjoy the site


I think the water speed adjustment is the small white button looking thing at the rear of the fill valve, next to that black fill line,,


 flush the toilet and then watch to see where the water is coming into the bowl from,, there should be a adjustment screw to adjust it with close by

 the green strap that attaches to the flush handle might not have enough slack in it it let the plunger close all the way, and causes it to leak a little. looks to be in the first hole, (the shortest adjustment ) try moving it up a notch and see what happens


is this something that has just recently started or has always been slow? could be the shut off valve coming out of the wall , is turned off slightly,, might check to see how far open that  is also,,,

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Welcome to the world of "Being Handy", and to this bunch of old reprobates, and a few younger ones, too. It's nice to see a younger fella taking the bit in his teeth and taking care of business.

That fill valve operates on the pressure (weight) of the water above it in the tank.  The fill adjustment is the white topped screw on the far left of your picture, next to the black bowl fill tube.  Turn it clockwise to lower the fill of the tank, and counter clockwise to raise it.  The fill rate will change a bit, but not much, with the adjustment.  What will affect the fill rate is water pressure, atmospheric pressure, and of course, deposits from the water in the innards of the valve.

In my experience, that type of valve is sort of, for want of a better description, flaky; maybe wishy-washy, not real consistent, and they are quite often difficult to get adjusted to the way you would like them to be.  I put them in the toilets in our house in the seventies, and replaced them in fairly short order with a FluidMaster setup.  The FluidMaster is a tried and proven item, as is the old fashioned ball**** and float arm, and, to me, much more dependable, and rebuildable.

As to the leak in the flapper, try Rat's suggestion.  If the doesn't work, if it was me, I'd just replace the flapper with one with a "chain and hook" setup; they are much easier to adjust.

Is this terlit in a rental?  If so, is your landlord a reasonable guy?  If he is, he might be inclined to replace the valve for you; it shouldn't be your responsibility, unless the maintenance is in your agreement.

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i agree with rum and the rat .them old style ball**** floaters are the way to go though.them things do get mineral build up from the water over time too.i think its best to just replace the whole dang mess.if its leakin down into the bowl that dang flapper is leakin for sure and your wastin water,runnin the bill up.hit your landlord up .he owns it !

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Looks like the 'crew' has gotcha covered on this so just let me say WELCOME

Glad you chose this place to post your question.  Let us know how your problem turns out and drop by anytime.  It doesn't necessarily have to be handyman related so feel free to post up and join in.



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