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Stinky glasses after running dishwasher



After running our dishwasher, the glasses almost always have a funky smell, kind of like a wet dog.  This dishwasher has a plastic tub.  And, this is a fairly new dishwasher, but it sat for almost a year without being used. 


I removed the trap on the bottom of the tub, and there was lots of golden / brown spots, which could mostly just get wiped up, but some were more sticky.  I poured a cup of vinegar in, and mixed in some baking soda, and let that bubble and sit in there for a few hours, then ran just a rinse cycle with no dishes.  The next load had less of the smell, but it was still there.  So, I checked the drain line that went of to the dishwasher, and it was clean, however, it did not have any up-loop.  So, I moved that drain line so that it goes up vertically as high as it can go, then back into the disposal (an "up loop").  Ran another load, and it seemed like things were getting better, but the smell is still there.  Then, it just gets worse and worse with each load.


Two questions:


I am now wondering if the water is somehow moving backward from the garbage disposal (which is old and funky itself) and runs back into the dishwasher during the cycle.  Anyone know if this is possible?  I do see a valve under the dishwasher, where the drain line connects to the dishwasher, but it looks fine.  Anyone know if that valve can allow water back into the washer?


Or, could there be something stuck at the very bottom of the dishwasher, under the trap, where I cannot get to or see, between the trap and that valve?  I disconnected the drain line and drained all of the water out, then reconnected and poured that vinegar / baking soda solution down there, and let it sit for a while, and that seems to help for a load, but then the smell comes back!  Gross!


Sorry for the long explanation, and for no pictures.


Thanks for any feedback,



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Here are a couple of links to Home Depot's site.  The "air gap" is, in my mind, an absolute requirement in any dishwasher installation; it helps, actually stops any siphon action from taking place, and also acts as an overflow in case of a disposal clog.  The cleaner is a special cleaner for removing hidden deposits and accumulations in the works of dishwashers; there are several varieties of these items available, these are just for example.  To install the air gap, you will have to either bore another hole in the sink deck next to the faucet, or perhaps you have an extra hole already that has a plug in it.  When you are shopping, go take a look at the sinks on display to see the hole arrangements - four hole is basic for use with a dishwasher air gap.

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