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Post Info TOPIC: Remove top coat of paint only


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Remove top coat of paint only

I recently acquired an old metal toy (tractor) that has been painted. How do I remove the applied paint and save the original paint?  thanks for any reply   Herb



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wow, that is a touchy subject biggrin of course the first thing that comes to my weird mind is "very carefully" but I know that there must be ways - - - - I have removed rust from old firearms and kept the patina finish but this is a totally different thing - - -  gonna be interesting to see what you finally end up doing and HOPEFULLY very successfully - - - - please keep us in the loop with this one   oh and good luck


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Kinda depends on what type of paint was used,, Latex ( water based) enamel ( oil based) or lacquer ( solvent based)' and what it was painted over,,

I would assume it was painted with Enamel, which most were, and if it was repainted with a latex ( which I doubt) it could probably be scraped off pretty easily , because Latex doesn't stick to enamel very well at all ( Latex is more of a house paint) so The best guess would be a Rattle can enamel job,, if it was sanded at all before painting it,, the paint could be kinda hard to remove and retain the original paint to any degree,

Try sanding it with 360 or so sand paper in a non conspicuous place and see how well it comes off,, if it takes off the base color,, it probably would be best to sand everything well and just repaint it,

I know you are probably trying to keep it with the original paint,, but most times that doesn't work out so well,,,

Call some restoration shops and ask them  what to do,,they will probably want you to bring it in and talk you into a complete restoration at a price of several hundred $$$$ rather that telling you how they do their jobs,

 Might try pressure washing it and see if that will take the paint off to any degree


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You could send it to that Rick guy in Las Vegas and get it restored....it will only cost you about 100x what its worth.

I would try the pressure washing first....People have a bad habit of not sanding things when they slop paint on, thus it doesnt stick real well....May be to your advantage
If that doesnt work, I would try a bit of lacquer thinners on a not so obvious spot. It may attack the top coat and leave the rest...It might also do nothing or take all the paint off. Nothing ventured, nothing gained




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