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I'm getting to be an old fart, which means that a lot of the musicians I grew up listening to are also getting up in age. So this summer I got tickets for my wife and I to see Three Dog Night, The Righteous Brothers, and The Moody Blues. The Righteous Brothers have a different make up because Bobby Hatfield passed away, but Bill Medley is still singing strong. And I was amazed to realize the the Moody Blues are celebrating the 50th anniversary release of" Nights In White Satin". So who would you folks go to see if an opportunity arose? I think back on so many entertainers I have seen in person that are now retired or performing in the Great Beyond.

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Medley is awesome and has his Daughter with him now,  don't know about Moody Blues but, if I had my choice it would be Three Dog Night. 

I've never seen either of these groups - - - - Three Dog Night were my favorite during those years (as best I remember anyway)   they did a song where their voices were accapella called "Just For You" that blew me away.  As far as Groups go I did get too see Zepplin right when "Whole Lotta Love" was HOT and Paige stole the show WOW WOW WOW   Then after I moved to Colorado for five years I saw Poco, the Dirt Band and hung out with Kershaw and Kompany for a while.  Those were the DAZE evileyewink


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We met the Medleys once in Santa Ana, CA at a popular restaurant and night spot; our neighbors and good friends were sort of "into" the music and dancing scene back then, and we tagged along once in a while. The headliner that night was The Bob Gulley Band, and we saw his shows several times; of course, our neighbors knew them all sort of personally, and the Medleys and Gulley stopped by our table to visit a bit. I enjoyed the shows, but I am not too gregarious, and a little bit of loud music goes a very long way for me, so we didn't go out all that much.

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