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Laminate Flooring

I guess just about everybody probably has some laminate flooring 'cause it became so popular. Cheaper than real hardwood, easy to install, not supposed to mark or scratch like the real stuff does and all the rest of it. Well we did a huge, almost gut-out, reno on our house and we used a 10mm laminate in the livin' room, down the hall and in the bedrooms. 10mm at the time was the higher end stuff. So anyway, we had that fire which started in the basement under our bedroom...all of the joists an sub burned out but the laminate wouldn't. It was scorched pretty good and probably woulda ignited soon, but it was the laminate that saved my wife's life...she was sleepin' in that bedroom. The 10mm stuff didn't scratch or have any marks on it either...we were pleased with it. So, when our house was rebuilt we chose laminate again. This time a 14mm 'cause we were told that it was the best available at that time. Well, dammit, if ya even look at this stuff too hard it scratches and there's even little dents here and there. disbelief It will not take a nice shine either. This 14mm is supposed to be the best but we are not pleased at all. The supplier has been here 3 times, even brought the manufacturer's rep once but we're stuck with this junk. evileye As soon as I can afford it I'm gonna rip this stuff out and put real hardwood in. I can do it myself...I wanna get the unfinished so I can stain and seal it myself too. With the clear coats available today it won't mark up like hardwood used to. Oh yeah, we have a cheaper laminate upstairs in 2 bedrooms and the hall...believe it's 10mm...not a mark on it. The "best" wasn't the best in this instance. disbelief

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Both my sons used some in both their new homes and oddly enuff, the youngest son's "fancier and more expensive" laminate is not very good at all and I think he's gonna replace it real soon.  However, the oldest son used a different laminate that looks great in the upstairs bedroom and so far he really likes it.

I'll ask them both and see what type and etc each of them used and post it here.


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I did a room last year....not sure how thick, but it was on sale, so I guess it was the cheap stuff. My wife has her computer chair on it and not a mark.......It hasn't got a great shine, but we don't mind that.



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