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Texture problem

I got a huge problem I need to fix. I HAD a media nook in my living room that I wanted to get rid of so I could mount a huge plasma TV on the wall. So I did. I drywalled right over the nook. I did a great job with the drywall, no problems there. But I really screwed up the texturing. I needed to match the texturing on the surrounding wall, but I did not manage to do that at all. The nook was about 32" wide x 40" tall. The knockdown texture I did looked okay, but the real problem was along the edges where it should have blended in with the existing texture. It did not blend in at all. So I tore off the drywall covering the nook after staring at my failure for over two years. Now, I've got a new piece of drywall up there covering the nook and once again, it's time to texture it. The existing texture (the stuff done by a professional) surrounding the nook looks great. It's really thick though. It seems to raise up about 1/8" to 3/16" off the drywall. So should I fill in my new piece of drywall with a few layers of plaster before I attempt to add texture?? Once again, my biggest concern isn't the majority of the drywall texture. My biggest concern is the border between the existing texture and the texture I am adding. HOW DO I CREATE A SEAMLESS TRANSITION? I don't want to see another rectangle outline right behind my beautiful TV. The edge of the existing texture is pretty jagged. I had to chip away my old screw up with a chisel. Anyway, I'd love some pointers. I really do not want to pay somebody else to work on my place. I a real DIYer and I'd hate that. Plus, I'm way too cheap to hire someone. Thanks in advance. Sideways pic of the problem below.

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first off, welcome to handyman geeper. that texture is mighty thick. i cant see the existing texture very well but its gona take some serious sandin on that seem before you finish and shoot it again.it can be a rascal matchin texture but it can be done.a pic with more light rite on the edge of the old texture would help a bit.im sure we can get er done .our dry wall folks, bad rat and mello yello mite be more help. they will be around soon.

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Welcome Geeper, as Geezer has alreay mentioned, you've got some serious taping and floating that needs to be done with a patch job like that.

How large is the entire wall that the patch is on?  The reason that I'm asking is that sometimes it's better to go ahead and do the entire piece rather than put a patch in.

Anytime you put a piece of drywall in the field of another piece the taped joints must be feathered out pretty wide to keep the seam from showing.

Measure the entire wall and post the dimentions here if you will.

There are several retired Drywallers here on this site so I think you'll get your problem solved pretty quite here.

BUMP: another option that you have here is to cover that wall where the TV goes with a coordinating wallpaper, paneling, burlap, cork or etc.  ?If you get my drift?

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Hi Geeper,, welcome to the handyman show,

On your patch job!! ( first a few questions ) what thickness of sheetrock did you use to fillin the hole? was this a hole for a built-in tv? and does it have a metal corner bead around the opening? and could it be a Plastered wall?

Usually a interior wall is 1/2 " sheetrock.. but that looks like it has been skim coated with d/w mud,,

some better pictures would be a great help, in figuring out what needs to be done,,

its obvious the surrounding surface is thicker than what you filled in with,,

if you had to chip it off with a chisel,, thats tells me it might be plaster,, or really thick d/w mud,

Better pictures please.. maybe some of the edge looking at the thickness differance,, CLOSEUP,,,,,


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