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when I met Superman

Back in the seventies I became a sheetrocker and was fortunate to have been taught by a NW Coast Journeyman that knew how to hang and make money by the square foot job.

OK, we were working a big condo location and my Partner hollered at me from the other room "Hey Em, you wanna meet Superman?"  Out of curiosity I said "Yes".  He then said "follow me".  We left the unit we were hanging and walked outside to see a big truck from Denver Drywall Supply setting there loaded with stacks of 12' - 5/8ths - firecoat drywall.  The truck had a cherry picker mounted right behind the cab and there was ONE - - - YES, I SAID "ONE" man unloading it - - - ALL BY HIS LONESOME.

He would "never" pull the tabs on the drywall - - - he would put two sheets at a time on the cherry picker until the hooks were full, climb on the control seat and place the load thru a convenient hole that the Contractor would leave open for him.  THEN he would climb down to inside and, if not on the ground floor, up the stairs to the unit and THEN put the proper amount of drywall in each room (two at a time, OK?)  When the units that he could reach were stocked he would move forward to the next spot and continue.

He also drove the semi from Denver over the Pass and then back home after he was finished.  The only time I've seen him not complete in one day was because of an unexpected snow storm.

He was slightly less than 6' tall and probably weighed 200 or less but he was MEGA stout and could outwork anyone I've ever seen.

End of story

P.S. NO it wasn't Bad Rat even tho he was a drywaller in Denver about that time. biggrin


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Strong, he was.

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