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Figures about $25 a year

Well, thanks to Ethanol, I'm gonna have to buy another $100 WeedEater come Spring. I figured I got about 4 years outa the one I have.  I remember buying it a year or so before we moved here in 2012.  I have since had to replace the primer bulb and gas lines but I'm not gonna ???? with this one anymore come grass trimming time in Texas.  Someone might even have a pre-season sale going soon so I'll keep my nose to the ground until I find a decent buy.  Hard to imagine what Ethanol is doing to everything else ain't it?


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I had the same problem with a small garden tiller, used in 1 time, and it never started again,  guess I will tear into the POS and see if I can get it running,, other wise that garden might just NOT get planted this year,, about all I plant is Tomatoes anyway,, the weeds can have their way with drinking round up



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The joys of being a home owner.

So far the ECHO has survived but I do drain it every fall, Stabil (I think it's them) makes an additive that's supposed to help with that problem. My history with string trimmers and leaf blowers was that one or both died every other year even when we had 'good' gas

What was worse was that MBTE that is now outlawed. It 'killed' the snow blower motor but the $99 Harbor Freight replacement starts and runs better anyhow.


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I also have an ECHO but use their little oil mix and only 91 or 93 octane. The higher grade gas has no ethanol and their oil mix also contains a stabilizer.

 Never any issues and going on 4 years, never empty out at the end of the season. Just top up the tank and it fires up next season no problem.

The first year I had it I was told to run it dry at seasons end, had a bit of trouble starting the second season.


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