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A Life Changing Event.

Our Baby Girl moved away a week and a half ago.  She had been with us most of the time her whole life up until now, twelve years; we have an empty nest again.  Her mom had been chomping at the bit for a long time to move back to California, because that is where she grew up, and she has life long friends there, as well as our grandson Joe, and she got a chance at a job that she thinks will be better than the one she had here - she had pretty well reached her top level there - so she went for it.  And with Bella's dad being on the road for months at a time, he is basically not here, so she went to court and got the custody agreement changed, and dragged her freight.  Besides, Bella thinks Cali is the most exciting place in the world, so she was ready for a change, too; a kid can only put up with worn out, boring old people just so long, don't ya' know.  Things are gonna be different.

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Life goes on........

We have had a full house last couple of months. Our daughter, grand daughter, her boyfriend and our great grandson moved in with us. They moved back from the west and needed a place to stay while he found a job and a place. He is a chef and found a job about 20 miles from here, they moved into their place last week. Still stuck with our daughter for now, but it sure is a lot more peaceful....and cleaner......lol




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OUCH, fill those silent moments and empty spots with memories and phone calls - - - - none of ours are more than an hour or a phone call away but that sure don't mean it won't change. Hang in there Y'all.


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